Audition Results

Hello, it’s Sanxithe. I’ve been thinking about doing blogging, so hopefully this might help me process my thoughts well.

The EOY audition results were released today, and I was so happy to have made it through! Kuiin senpai and naru senpai also made it through (of course). I will be dancing on the same stage as them, I find it so unbelievable! How exciting; I need to buy a dress! I must learn how to put on makeup as well. I wonder what time slot I’ll be given. If I could do two songs that would be great, but even one song will be fine! I’ve prepared Kimi Iro no Somaru for the festival (I auditioned with that song), and if possible I might be dancing to Yume Yume as well. I wonder if I should ask any of my friends to come watch me. I know Melanie will definitely try and make it.

I’ve also been meaning to get myself a bicycle, so that I can cycle to school. Bus rides are great and all, but I’ve been gaining weight over the past few months. A bicycle will make the commute to school more enjoyable! I do not know if there’s a bicycle stand near my school block though. I will check next year. A small and light bicycle will be good enough. There’s no need for multiple gears. I could have a small basket in front for my school bag and it will be perfect! I wonder how much a bicycle costs. Still, it will probably save more money compared riding a bus.

Tomorrow is English Papers 1 and 2 for O Levels. It starts at 1.30pm and will end late in the evening. I wouldn’t consider my English to be very impressive. A B3 would be satisfactory, an A2 pleasing and an A1
miraculous. Paper 1 will be first – editing, situational writing and an essay. I’ve practiced a lot of editing today, and I might do one or two more tonight. Then I’ll look through some grammar rules right before the exam. I’m actually practicing with this assessment book I bought from Popular, “The Editing Challenge”, and it’s a pretty bad book. I appreciate the coverage of grammar rules in the front but it turns out that many of the exercises have mistakes in them (no, not intentional ones). An exercise had the answers missing and another provided the passage with all the mistakes already corrected! If anyone reads this and is taking up English in university, beware that Liza Sedik is not the best to learn from.

Complaints aside, I will also have to look through the formats for formal letters, informal letters, Speeches and Reports. Preferably I hope that they ask us to write a speech. I seem to have quite the flair for speech-writing. For the essay I am definitely writing expository, my tuition centre has been benefitting me greatly and I can generate fair points to argue for most topics. I will need to spruce up my vocabulary by tomorrow too. I have a list of words I enjoy using. Hopefully, I’ll remember how to spell them!

I don’t think Paper 2 can be helped very much anymore. I have always been a poor comprehender. I do have mild comprehension dyslexia but actually it’s because I can’t think sensibly. I will do my best and take my time, though. I find myself rushing through English paper 2s only to have half an hour or more at the end. I want to do well for the summary though. I think that’s where I can invest most of my time in.

I pray that I can wake up in a good mood tomorrow. Whee!


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