Halloween Dance

Well I’m done with the week’s exams, namely all the English papers and Additional Mathematics paper 1. I am very happy with the English papers, and I think an A2 is slightly more achievable from what I’ve written. Maybe. I hope so. Although, I did zone out a bit during today’s listening comprehension. Completely unintentional. A Math was way tough. I hate to admit it, but I really struggled during that exam and I’m not very confident of scoring a distinction. If paper 2 turns out a bit easier, a good outcome may be in view. For the moment I will be revising my Chemistry, since it’s coming next Tuesday. Chemistry has a lot to study. I worry that I might not complete my revision in time.

Halloween is coming soon! 5 more days, yay! Actually, I don’t celebrate Halloween at all. Scary things are not nice. Knocking on strangers’ doors is not nice. What’s nice is the colour palette. Also, a Halloween themed dance cover! I have finished planning and practicing for my dance for October. I shall film on Saturday morning. I really feel like asking someone to come along to help me with filming. One reason being that it’s lonely to film by myself, the other being that the filming is quite elaborate. Unfortunately at the moment I really cannot expect any of my friends to be available to film, since they really should be studying (me too heehee).  Asking Mummy would be too embarrassing so I guess I’ll do it by myself.

The Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) results came out today. I’ve been competing in the AMC every year since 2012. If I’m not wrong, all I have gotten is the Distinction award year after year. This year was apparently no different. I wish I would be grateful for my distinctions, but really, I’m not. This year was the worst performance I’ve ever put up. In the Intermediate category, I ranked in the top 21st percentile. I shouldn’t be getting a Distinction as it cuts off at the top 20%. I even made a mistake in the first 10 questions, which is something I have never done before. I have no idea why they awarded me Distinction but I’ll accept it. I’m very sure the past few years I’ve ranked better. I don’t know if I’ll continue entering the AMC, as next year I’ll be put under the Senior category and I must register myself (I’m rather certain that my Polytechnic does not help with competition registrations). Still, I enjoy the AMC and hopefully one day I’ll place in the top 1 percentile.


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