New Goldfish!

So three days ago I was at a hawker center with Mummy and we came across a fish shop in the market and I asked her if I could get some fish as pets and she agreed! We got two lovely goldfish, I call them Merry and Coby. I’m so happy they’re very cute and now they sleep in my bedroom with me and they like to play with each other! I really hope I take care of them well. Their tank is spacious enough and there’s a small plant on a bit of wood for them to dance around when they feel like it. I’m very emotionally attached to them at the moment, haha. I get scared that they might die any moment. I hope they don’t die.

Next week will be packed with exams. Four papers for four different subjects. Cher Adeline came yesterday to help me with my revision. I’m so glad to see here again after she fell sick last week. She’s coming tomorrow as well, so I’m looking forward to her company again. I hope I can stay focused throughout the week.

My shoulder is aching. Two days ago Stephane’s friends came over to play basketball but it rained so heavily they stayed inside. It’s raining very frequently nowadays. It’s cold yet nice. We played Frisbee golf (Yes, it’s a thing) on the Wii and I never knew it was so fun. I guess we must have played really hard because the next day I had shoulder aches haha! Well, my shoulder was quite a nuisance while filming the dance today but I was able to get the video done. I still don’t know if I should upload it now while I have the time or wait till Halloween. Either way, I need to start using a better program than Windows Live Movie Maker. Really, it’s so awful having to use that. But it’s free. Sighs.

I have been having nightmares at night recently. Many of them were about Sherie. Honestly, I wish I could just forget her. I’m doing it quite well in my conscious state, but my unconscious mind just loves bringing her back. I really hate it, I don’t want to have to face her in my dreams every night… They’re bothering me so much, I think I need to do my journal again so that I can get help about it.


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