Coby died

Yeah… So two nights ago (in fact right after I posted here) I found coby lifeless in his tank… Merry was alright, although she must’ve been quite traumatised by it as well. I cried for a bit, but I think I’m fine for the moment. I don’t know if I’ll get another fish to accompany Merry. I don’t really want to think about replacing him so quickly but I don’t want Merry to be lonely for too long.

So, they announced that Miko will be coming to EOY. I’m not as big of her fan as I am with Penta sama, but I really enjoy some of her videos. One of my favourites would be her choreography for Music Music. I think I’m quite excited to see her at EOY. Suzuki san did a dance cover with her when she went to Japan. Sometimes I wonder how these people make friends like that. I find it very hard to talk to strangers, even more for people I admire from the shadows.

So devastating/ exciting news? Pika Pika Meido Cafe disbanded, but a few of them (including naru senpai) started a performance group called TokiMeki Jump. That’s nice, a dance group. I wonder if I’ll ever be in one some day. I’m rather upset that I never got to be served by naru senpai but I’m sure I will in my dreams to come. Their first performance will be at AFA. I want to support them but… AFA is my least favourite convention. I don’t think I’d go for it just to see them (Gomenasai naru senpai!).

Uhm, today was Social Studies exam. I’ve been struggling with SS since Secondary 3, and I am really bad at it mentally and emotionally. I studied three chapters for the exam, it’s a far stretch for me. I’ve never written anything for SS exams so far this year. Some teachers told me its better if I don’t show up for the exam. Well, I really like literature, and to do literature I need to do SS. Thus, I showed up. I studied by recording myself reading my notes aloud and listened to that recording probably around 10 times. I never studied like that before but it was quite good, since I could be lying down and study without opening my eyes. In the end the topic I rided on the most appeared for the Source-Based. Which is bad and good. At least I was extremely familiar with the topic and I wrote something for every chapter. Sadly, none of the essay questions were topics I studied (well, I studied three). I wrote some rubbish and that was quite satisfactory for me. I’m glad to be done with that nightmarish subject.

By the way, Shauna chan from class gave me some almond nuts today as thanks for the sandwiches. It made me so happy, she even remembered that I love almond nuts. It was very uplifting.


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