Being Free

I’m done with all my hard papers! Yay! I feel so free. I’m very proud of how disciplined I was throughout this period of time. Although I did procrastinate at times, I think I do not regret my performance for any of the papers (except maybe literature’s poetry analysis, but I’m sure I’ll get over it soon enough). My biggest fear would be to get an A2 for Physics, since it’s the subject I am the proudest of. I remember before the exam, my class chairman came up to me and asked, “Are you aiming for 100%?” That’s how big my reputation is. And no, I’m aiming for 95%. And if by some stroke of horrifying luck I get an A2 – please no – I would be so embarrassed and probably lie (I really shouldn’t). Something I’ve observed: the smartest people and also the cockiest. I’m very cocky haha!

I also like attention a lot. I’m one of those that complain how embarrassing it is to do something but actually it’s so that people don’t see me as, well, attention loving. Is it a bad thing? Well, it isn’t but somehow I feel that it’s just fuelling my narcissism. Being self-centred is no good, but nothing is wrong with enjoying attention… Maybe.

Yesterday I went out with Jemima and Royal to the arcade to celebrate. Serangoon Nex’s Virtualand is really nice! They have all the machines I love – Maimai, DDR, Dance Evo, Project Diva, Bishibashi… There were even some music games I’ve never seen before! We spent around $50 haha! I guess I’ll be staying away from arcades for a while. I was so glad to play Dance Evo again. They took it away from my regular arcade. I was upset that I couldn’t find Renai Circulation on it though; I thought it would be there. Anyway, so many people were watching me dance! And I really loved having an audience, I must admit. It was only 7 or 8 people, I wonder how amazing dancing on stage will feel, aahhh!

All my post O level plans are starting to surface. I really hope to complete many of the things on the list. Unfortunately, Daddy won’t let me ride a bike to school since it can be quite dangerous. Oh well. My sister says that I will get to start lessons early since my place in the polytechnic is more or less confirmed. I wonder how early it will start, I’m so excited!


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