Phone Games

I bought two new fish to accompany Merry in the tank. They’re both goldfish, the orange one being Curry (in honour of Stephen Curry) and a blacker one called Fella. They all must be good friends by now. Curry is a bit funny and his default position is at a 60° angle, but I’m sure he’s just special.

I’ve been so into this mobile game called RPG Toram Online, it’s extremely addicting. Melanie and I made a deal to try each other’s favourite games at the moment. I made her play Monster Super League (MSL) and she made me play Toram. Toram is so fun! I love exploring and killing bosses. I’m already a level 35 bowman and I convinced my brother to try it out as well! Spade’s supposed to join me in the game once he gets a new phone, although currently I am hold resentment against him over a recent minor squabble. It’s been a few days since I last talked to him and I don’t think he really gets it, haha.

I should really ask Ian for more Tagalog lessons. Oh boy!

Jasmine came over to my house on Tuesday to chill. We learnt a new dance. At first we were trying Drop Pop Candy (I am in love with that choreography) but she found it too hard. Jasmine then suggested Viva Happy, which surprised me since that dance takes a lot of energy. She was able to give the required enthusiasm though, I was very impressed. She may be a slow learner, but the video will look so good in the end. Everyone has their good points. Jemima shows dedication like no one else. She was fully invested in learning the dance and we were able to progress steadily. Jasmine is unashamed and confident, and I hope it shows in her dance. Jia Ling perseveres and doesn’t give up. We have had our plans changed so many times but she’s willing to complete the project by hook or by crook. Next week I’ll be working with Melanie on a pretty hard dance. I am curious to see what qualities shine from her as we dance together. As for me on the other hand, I think dancing brings out my enthusiasm when I do work. I enjoy practicing and uploading, whether it’s by myself or with a friend. I hope to find people with similar passions in the future.

Tonight I’ll be going for FOPx at Buona Vista with Melanie and some friends from church. It’s supposed to be a huge Christian event for youths. I think FOP is Festival of Praise. I’m excited to see the different youths of Singapore come together to worship our shared God. It will be a rare experience. My brother went last year and said that the celebration is pretty intense, like a rock concert with people falling down and all. I hope it won’t be so foreign that it becomes uncomfortable. I know that my church is quite mellowed down compared to many other churches in Singapore.

On a side note, WordPress is pretty unconventional from websites I frequent. How on earth do I add pictures, haha!


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