Many Plans

I’ve had so many things to do that I feel quite tired, haha! Yesterday Melanie came over and we danced Romeo and Cinderella and there was a lot to learn. We covered about a minute so that’s very good, but I need to focus on my solo covers as well. I’ve got to dedicate myself fully to dancing instead of phone games like Toram Online and MSL because November is ending and my dance is nearly complete, but I keep procrastinating over learning the last few parts.

Today I went dress-hunting in Bugis for my performance at the end of the year. I saw this pretty cute one that is Korean-styled but it costs $70. It has long sleeves too so I’m afraid that I can’t raise my arms completely. Mummy suggested I try tailoring my own dress but I have never made clothes before so it will be a huge risk considering the importance of this performance. Another factor is TIME! My performance is less than a month away! I should just but a petticoat to wear under an old dress shouldn’t I?

Regarding my progress of cleaning my desk, I have one stack of papers up to my knees for junking and my desk is still extremely messy. I need to stop playing Project Mirai on my 3DS… My fish’s water needs changing too. I spent the entire morning shopping and just slept through the afternoon, haha! Tomorrow I’ll be dancing with Jasmine and on Thursday I’m dancing with Jia Ling. I hope my stamina doesn’t betray me!

This weekend is AFA. I am going after all, on Sunday. Zi Xiong will be accompanying me. I just want to watch naru senpai, since she’s dancing Drop Pop Candy. Just thinking about it makes me so excited. I’m running out of money, though. I’m not working until next year so I have to be careful with spending.

Tomorrow, I will be seeing my doctor. I’m quite nervous because I’m going to ask her if I can cut back on my medicine. I think that’s what Mummy would like. I’m sure it will make her very happy. Each pill is $1 so I’ve been costing my parents a lot of money.

I’ve been listening to so many songs, it makes me want to sing! I’ve always felt that making a song cover takes less effort than learning a dance, but I think that it is equally as hard. Even though you don’t need to memorize lyrics, or leave the house (Honestly, dancing can be done at home. I just don’t like it.), practice is still essential. I’m sure writing harmonies is difficult as well, editing too. I want to give it a try one day, maybe when I have enough money to buy a good microphone!


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