First Carousell Experience

As already mentioned, I have been trying to find a dress for my performance this December. Jia Ling came over today to dance and she agreed to lend me one of her dresses! I am so relieved and grateful to have this burden off my back. I really love Jia Ling’s lolita dresses. I can’t wait to try one on! Also, I tried to buy a petticoat to go under my dresses so that they would appear fluffy. I found one over Carousell and decided to buy it. I never bought anything over Carousell before. The seller didn’t converse much with me but we agreed to meet today at 3pm. Long story short, the seller didn’t show up. I waited for half an hour and decided to go home because she wasn’t replying to my messages. Later this evening I got a message from her explaining that she didn’t feel well and fell asleep by accident. I shrugged it off and said it was okay, but that I was not keen on buying from her anymore. I sort of wasted my afternoon (and MRT fare) because of her. I hope she recovers, though.

Good and bright news! I saw my psychiatrist and I told her about my low blood pressure that keeps making me tired and dizzy. (It was at 83 over 53 on that day, no better than the last time I visited her when it was around 84 over 50) It’s really no fun having to take many breaks in the middle of dancing because I have no stamina. Thankfully, she listen to my concerns and I’ve reduced my medicine dosage by half a tablet! That’s 50 cents less per night! I’m very delighted that my parents do not have to spend so much on my medication. She says that I will probably stick to one and a half tablets until I’m fully integrated into Polytechnic life. Nonetheless I’m one step closer to completely getting off my medication!

The new Survivor episode came out today. It was a double episode (yay!) and I must say, it was crazier than last week’s! Last week was so unbelievable with a castaway YOLO-ing through tribal council. He admitted to stealing food and openly gave away critical information to everyone in a futile attempt to save himself. Today’s episode might have been worse, with a supposedly compassionate character having a sudden outburst and everyone drawing rocks! Things may have not completely went in my favour ,yet I’m grateful that my favourite castaway is still surviving.

I’m trying to learn the basic highway code and everyone tells me to just learn from the question and answer booklet? This totally represents how Singaporeans love plain memorisation and regurgitation of information. Still, I bought the question booklet and I’m going to start learning so that I can drive one day. I feel like a Jack of all trades but master of none. I can’t grasp Japanese well, neither Tagalog, and I’ve forgotten what I’ve learnt for Python and HTML, my dancing isn’t fantastic… I wonder if I actually have a single, extraordinary talent. Maybe it is my talent to try everything without mastering anything, haha! I guess it all boils down to discipline.

I am filming tomorrow morning at Botanic Gardens. I pray that things will go well. I must remember to charge my camera tonight! In the afternoon I’ll be heading to a friend’s house to play games. I’m glad that I am being active this break instead of fooling around (or is this counted as fooling around?). I am proud of myself either way, because right now I am happy and satisfied. I wonder how tomorrow will turn out.


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