My parents, brother and I went to Boracay for a vacation. I was so excited to finally get to see Philippines. I have traveled to many foreign lands throughout my childhood, but this was the first time stepping foot on the Philippines. I was particularly looking forward to it because Spade lived there and I was curious and eager to experience his country. It was the closest I could ever get to him.

Kaliban was where our plane landed. We took an hour and a half bus ride through the rural area. To me, it seemed very similar to Indonesia. The climate, roads and infrastructure was alike to what I had seen in Batam or Bali. There were many cows, dogs and chicken by the roadside. They made the bus ride very entertaining. I also noticed the people liked using bamboo fences, and the place had a very earthy palette.

A five minute speedboat ride later and we were on Boracay, an island apparently smaller than Singapore! We stayed at a five-star hotel, and the beaches were so white with clear waters full of fishes. I pretty much swam in the ocean every day of the vacation. I went paddle-boarding and snorkelling too. Paddle-boarding was surprisingly fun, and I managed to stand on the board after a bit of practice. My arms tired out quickly, though!

My family is not a very adventurous bunch when it comes to food. Daddy is stubborn and can’t eat dry food while my brother and I hate suspicious vegetables. I’m glad the cafés at the public beach served familiar food. I don’t know why there were so many Koreans at Boracay. Most likely they made a quarter of the tourists there! Either way, I had such a well-deserved break. Now that I’m back, I must work hard for the next few days!

Tomorrow is already the EOY Cosplay Festival! I’m so nervous! Jia Ling helped me buy a beautiful dress to perform in. We really tried to find a suitable dress which the organiser described to me, but in so little time I had many difficulties. I hope this dress is within his expectations! I’m already proud of myself for learning the group dance for the final day in just a week! I was so sure that it was impossible for me. I guess I underestimated myself.

I wonder how many people will show up tomorrow. I know my performance is really early, I doubt a lot of people will be there. I do want an audience, but as it is my first live act, I don’t know how many people I can handle! I am squashed between really well-known performers, so I am anxious as to how many people will be watching me! As for friends, Jia Ling (Oh, how much I appreciate you) and Jasmine will be watching. Sarah Katrina was supposed to come to, but she fell sick… I was quite upset over it, because I was looking forward to seeing her again…

No point crying over spilt milk (not that Sarah Katrina isn’t important) but today I’m going to the practice session for the group dance!! Kuiin senpai will be there!! Oh dear, I am so socially awkward around strangers and seniors… I’m unprepared for whatever is coming my way. I got as familiar with the dance as I’ll ever get, now I must pray that my blood pressure doesn’t give me a hard time. Another thing I need to go there for is to observe how professional dancers practice. I’ve practiced using my own methods ever since I started dancing, to practice in a studio with clean floors and huge mirrors is completely out of my league! Maybe I’ll learn a whole new way to practice dances. I just hope that I don’t fall behind everyone else.

I’m going to EOY to dance. And dance has helped me keep going this year. I am looking forward to ending the year on a high note!


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