Dance Practice with Miko!

If anyone represented gracefulness, it would be Miko. I showed up at the studio (which I think is called “The Studio”) and was greeted by a dude sitting alone outside the rooms. He looked at me and asked “So… What are you here for?”



I looked around. No one else, the dance studios empty.

“EOY…” I whispered to him.

“I never heard of that. I’m not the manager or anything. I guess you’re early then.”

So awkwardly I sat down and played with my 3DS. I was 15 minutes early but it seemed reasonable.

10 minutes later naru senpai enters the room! “Hi, are we too early?” She asked, before sitting down BESIDE ME!

I tried not to look up at her. My mind was spinning. She took out her 3DS as well.

“Shit,” I thought.

I flipped on my wireless switch and street-passed with her! Then while clearing my street-passes I realised that during AFA I had street-passed with Reina Kathy as well!

“Shit,” I thought, louder this time.

As a few more people trickled in, it finally was the guest artists’ turn. They entered with the organisers and everyone in the room was in awe. We were invited inside once they set up the equipment. Bye, naru senpai! Have a nice time in the singing room with That!

We watched Miko demonstrate the dance once for us. It wasn’t too different from how I learned it, with only a few directional changes. Miko really danced like a pro. She wore her “Hand in Hand” dress, and the way she moved was always very dainty but captivating. I wonder if she had any training.

During one of the breaks I was looking at her through the mirror and she looked back, smiling at me. I returned the smile.

“Konbanwa,” I managed to say.

“Konbanwa,” her cute voice replied.

After an hour of practice some who were both singing and dancing switched rooms from That to Miko. Kuiin senpai!!! I tried not to look at her directly. She was so short but so mature. Luckily we stood on opposite ends of the room. My blood pressure didn’t drop on me too. I made sure to sit as much as possible.

I stood at the right-most of the room. When more people joined, there was very little space. I knocked down Natsumi senpai’s bag twice before she moved it away. I’m sorry Natsumi senpai!

Miko asked for our ages. I think I was one of the younger few. And because of that I was able to find Kuiin senpai’s age… (Internal screams)

I got myself a selfie with Miko. It made me very happy. I also got to be near naru and Kuiin senpai. That made me very very happy. I got Reina senpai’s name card too. Maybe I should make a name card, that would be exciting, but I wouldn’t know how to give it to people.

I can’t wait for tomorrow!


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