Fast n’ Furious Camp

The camp was really fun. I enjoyed myself. I was the team leader of Hare with Joseph, a really nice guy. We had the oh-so-cute Noah. He is the king of enthusiasm and it was hard to keep up with him at games. Edlyn and Juliana were in my group too, and it was nice to get to know them better. There was Jun Xiang as well, Joseph’s friend who accepted Christ on the first day of camp. He’s a very logical person and from a very smart school too, so it’s quite difficult to reason with him. He is adaptable though.

Pastor Sabrina from Cornerstone Church Miri was preaching for the camp. She is one powerful woman. I enjoyed her sermons. They spoke to the regular church goers, yet this camp has the most new-comers we’ve had in a long while! Three people received Christ on day 1, and two on the last day. I was in awe, that was something I haven’t seen for years.

Another miracle I witnessed was when we all prayed for Auntie Weng’s arm, which was fractured if I’m not wrong. It was three out of twelve weeks till fully healed, but after we prayed for her, she could move it in all directions without pain! What a blessing from God, to have watched it happen!

On the first night, Pastor Sabrina preached about discipleship. She talked about how salvation is free, but discipleship will cost you everything. She made a call for discipleship, where to answer one must stand up with one’s arms up high and shout, “I want to be a disciple for Jesus!” It was very unconventional. But when she made that call, I knew instantly that I had to answer. Even though it meant that I would have to lose everything, I was willing to, because I owe Jesus my life and am forever in his debt. Without him, I’d be dead. I wanted to be used by him for his glory, and that was what discipleship was going to be for me. As soon as Pastor Sabrina counted down to one, I was the first to shout. It was a night of tears and emotions, and I can’t wait for God to use me. I want to try and be still before him and hear his voice one day. I must work hard to do so.

On night two, Pastor Sabrina talked about how we need to voice ourselves out before the Lord. Not because we should be hypocrites but because we need to be confident in our decisions before him. She asked for those who wanted to receive the gift of tongues, and those with the gift already to pray for them.

Now, I learnt how to use tongues to pray. I really wouldn’t call it a gift because it doesn’t feel like one, but I’m sure that’s what it is. I don’t think I got it suddenly, but subconsciously it would appear in my personal praying when I needed to fill in my pauses. I still never used it in front of people. But that night, I knew that was what I needed to do. I let out my awful-sounding tongues and prayed for my friends, and realised that as I did it in front of others, the smoother I got. At the end of the night I felt confident in its usage. I knew that it wasn’t just gibberish I forced upon myself. I should practice it more out loud, not just in whispers.

Boy am I exhausted from camp. I’m very proud of my brother who lead worship for the first time and planned the games. I could tell how stressed he was. For me, being a team leader was a bit difficult. I’m not used to leading team discussions or quiet time. Still, I would be happy to try again another time.

Zheng Guang messaged me a few days after camp, thanking me for my encouragement card. It’s nice to hear from him. I do hope we can be nice friends. He really has gone through similar experiences.


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