I want to talk about the Loudgen camp this year as I just returned from it, but at the moment I am not in the best of emotional states.

The day started off really great. I filmed a duet with Melanie and it turned out more beautiful than I expected. I was so happy with it. Then Mummy approached me during dinner.

It was about me being insensitive with my words, and she was right. I need to be less mean to others. Unfortunately it hit a nerve when she mentioned how maybe I don’t have many friends because of this. I just was not okay with her mentioning Sherie, as if she knew everything that went on between us two.

Despite this, I will attempt to think before I speak. One of my less appealing qualities is definitely my foul mouth, and I wish I had more control over it… When I think back to all the times where I’ve spoken wrongly, it hurts me to think of how I’ve hurt others. Maybe I said something wrong, like I always do. I am not proud of it, and I hope that it won’t affect my social life next year.


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