Christmas in Hong Kong

Hey, I’m typing this as we queue in line for roasted geese at a Michelin starred restaurant. After our meal we will head to the airport to fly home.

This holiday we spent with two of our cousins, Jerald and Yvon. It was great to have quality time together. They are cool people. It’s a pity Eugene and Zhe couldn’t come. Last night we four played Bridge and Monopoly Deal till we were tired. I had a blast!

We took a ferry to an island on one day. We had really great seafood and mochi and pudding. In the afternoon we walked to one end of the island and climbed up a hill. It was really steep at some parts and completely exhausting. What we were climbing for was worth it, though. At the top we queued up to enter a deep hole. It was a cave that was pitch black and narrow at parts. We used our phones for lighting and stalked our way through it, coming out on another end. It was a great adventure.

Then came Christmas Day! Hooray for Jesus! I am sad that I couldn’t celebrate it this year with my church and extended family, but I still had an exciting day at Hong Kong Disneyland!

We didn’t arrive there that early, yet we were able to snag Space Mountain, Iron Man and Buzz Light Year at a 5 minute queue! We rode Space Mountain thrice that day. When entering the Iron Man ride, a cast member was handing out…

Iron Man stickers!

The sticker hunt is on again~ We went to every cast member we saw and asked for stickers. Even the cleaners had stickers! In truth, I was very shy to ask but in the end I learnt how to be bold and confident. I hope to practice this sort of braveness more. In the end I collected 26 stickers!

I bought a special drink in a Tsum Tsum cup and the lady put in a glowing ice cube! My drink was magical! Afterwards I washed it and found out that it was an opened circuit with a bulb inside a plastic cube. On one surface of the cube were two exposed contacts, so that when you dropped it into water, the circuit will close and the cube would light up! I loved it so much that back at the hotel I took a bath in the dark with my cube in the tub!

What’s Hong Kong without shopping? I had an exciting haul from this trip. I got the Kimi no Nawa album by RADWIMPS! Can’t wait to hear it at home. I have a fragrance essence from Muji. It is small bottle of sweet orange that can destress, clear the nose and help insomnia. It’s the right smell for me~ I also got new shoes! Purplish-maroon Reebok trek shoes since my old ones from P5 are spoilt. I’ll miss them… Lastly, a good new 2017 schedule book!

Aside from Hong Kong, I told my friends in church that I wanted to host a New Years Eve party. I hope they agree to it, because my best friend hosts one most of the time and a lot of people want to go for that instead, even though it’s not planned yet. I only found out about these impromptu parties after I proposed my own for my cell group. That means I’ve never been invited to any of them these past few years, haha! Well then I feel like the less popular kid having a party on the same day as the more popular kid, but the other party isn’t even planned yet. Even if I get invited (doubt it, no one comes up to me ever) I rather have a more personal, small celebration than half the Youth Ministry. I hope at least four people will want to come so that it’s enough of a party. The two leaders have agreed to come, thankfully. I need to poke the rest for attendance.

One last thing: naru senpai is leaving Tokimeki JUMP! Oh dear, it just started… I don’t know if I’ll be supporting the group so fervently now. I favourite naru senpai too much. My Christmas dance with Mel is out. I’m so happy with it, to me it looks amazing! I want to do another dance with her, but school will start for her soon, and I promised Mummy that I’ll find a job, haha! I wonder how busy things will get next year.


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