A Boy Named Jin

On New Year’s Eve Eve night, I got an emergency message from Jia Ling. It was about Jin, a boy I met during EOY. She said he wanted to kill himself the next night and all his friends are overseas. She asked me to hang out with him just to make sure he wasn’t lonely.

I can never refuse a cry for help.. Even if it might affect me, I met Jin once. Once was enough for me to want to help him. I met him the next day for tea. Much to my disappointment, the cafe was closed for New Year’s Eve (stupid me). So instead we went to an ordinary coffee shop.

Afterwards I found out that he liked board games. I brought him to church to play two man Cluedo and we talked a bit. Then I took him to Church service, which I also did not know what I was doing, for Jin was an Atheist. He did not mind and it was Thanksgiving service with games so I hope he enjoyed it.

Jin followed me home for dinner and hung out with my cousins, then I invited him for my church’s New Year’s party and we played till midnight. I did not expect to have hung out with him for so long, but it was a pleasant day and I earned a new friend.

On Monday we went job hunting together. I really hate job hunting but with him it was borderline bearable. We gave our numbers to Jack’s Place. Everyone at home expected me to have went to more places but my body couldn’t take so much stress. That night I was so frustrated with them, telling me things that I already knew. I was well aware that they weren’t going to call me and I should’ve applied for more places online, but this is the best I can do. I wish they understood that.

Anyways, Jin and I went to my place to have lunch and watch Kimi no Nawa (yes, second time and I still loved it) and play Scrabble. I’m glad to have had him over.

Jin is ENFP whereas I am INFP. I can really tell in which places we sync and do not. One can really tell that he enjoys doing things. I do too, but my energy with people drain out quickly. I will try my best and I wonder how long we can be friends. This is the start of an unexpected yet enjoyable friendship.


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