Results Day

This Wednesday is going to be so crazy, I’m excited. Of course, I’m prepared for any result, but oh how I hope to have less than ten points. I also want to be there for my friends, because I know shit is going down no matter what. I want the best for them…

Melanie is sure to come out on top, surely she will score better than me. I believe in her. I really can’t wait to see what she’s going to get! We’re going ice skating afterwards, that’s how much faith we have in the Lord~

Jemima might be tough to anticipate. Yes, she worked hard. Yet, her aptitude has always been lacking. I must say that I’m worried. In all honesty, she probably prepared herself for the worst too. Still, I will pray for her that she may at least get into a polytechnic… I’ve been trying all of last year to be the best friend I could be. I want to see her smile on Wednesday if possible.

I need to start coding again. It looks like I’m not getting a job… I mustn’t give up, but it’s so hard…

What more is there to say? No matter what the results, God has led me through last year. I’m safe, and happier than before. That’s already a victory for me~


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