Job Offer

Firstly, Mummy said that she doesn’t want me hanging around Jin kun anymore. I think we’re both pretty upset about it, but we’ll figure out a way to work around her requirements.

I got a job offer yesterday. I had three missed calls from an unknown number while I was in church. I kind of panicked a bit and decided to call back. A lady picked up the line and I said I had a missed call. She said she was from KOI so I told her I sent in a job application recently. The line was passed to a man. He spoke in Chinese even after I replied in English to tell him my name. So I decided to reply to him in Chinese after the first few sentences. KOI is pretty Chinese after all.

He said that I could come over to have an interview so I told him that I was free on Monday. (That’s tomorrow. I’m VERY nervous) He said to look for Patrick at around 3pm. I wonder if that was him on the phone. I wonder if I’ll have to speak in Chinese at my workplace. I mean, my Chinese isn’t exactly the best but I can manage it pretty well. My heart still jumps a bit when they talk quickly. I will pray very hard.

I should exercise, thought Sanxithe. As if that is going to happen.

Yes so today I was on Toram. I’m in Mel’s guild at the moment. Mr Brinz, a guild member told me that he farmed Nightmare Crystals for EXP. I went to check online where to find it and I was led to the Empresses’ Tomb or something like that. I went to Area 2 and saw that there were two channels and people asking for parties. So I decided to join them. The first party received me and as I was changing to my storm mage, they kicked me out! How enraging. I hate it how this game is so exclusive towards Indonesians and Stormers. Can’t you just let a few casuals have a good time?

The second party was better. We killed Cassies and I realised the drops weren’t Nightmare Crystals. After a full bag I asked my party and they said they were farming for mana mats. Wow, hilarious. I probably wasted half an hour on those Cassies. I processed everything and moved on to Area 3 and holy pineapple, there were 43 channels! So this was where I was supposed to be, haha! I got trolled so hard.

I got a party in an instant. The others were all level 100+, but they were fine with me. I only got enough to complete one quest but I got my archer to level 75 thanks to that! I will definitely farm there again.

My cough isn’t subsiding… This is no good.


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