The interview was heart-stopping. I had to tell the man about my condition, and he was speaking in Chinese all the way! I said I could start work on Thursday, but it’s been 24 hours and he hasn’t messaged me yet! What if he never messages me? Does it mean that I didn’t get the job?

Today I worked very hard and cleaned my fish tank. Yet mummy made me clear my desk as well. Agh, I’m not in the mood. I got rid of a 15cm stack of junk. That should keep her satisfied for a while. I just want to rest… I don’t know what to do…

Jemima also has work (hers is confirmed) so I think we will have to put our dance on hold. Plus, for some reason I’m not feeling too good half the time. Family is so hard to live with, but there are benefits I guess.

If I could live by myself and hide from society, would I? The loneliness would make me sad, but at least there won’t be others to put pressure on my life…


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