First Day at Work

Thursday was my first day of work at KOI, a bubble tea store. I went to the branch near my house in a black round-neck T-shirt and the employees asked me to go to the back kitchen to put my bag down. I found a small cupboard and open the bottom doors. There were some small handbags there. I put my bag with the rest and wait at the back. Not long later, a pretty lady came in through the back door and introduced her to me as… To be honest, I can’t remember any of their names except Patrick, my boss. She said she was a full timer and asked for my name. Somehow, I am now known to everyone as Rachel. How lovely.

She told me to sit down at the stool in the corner. I waited there watching the shop’s CCTV cameras till Patrick came in and told me what to do. I put on an apron and he gave me a name tag that said “Training”. That day I learned how to use the cashier. The top left corner was a display for all the orders I keyed in, the top right was the different types of drinks to choose from. At the bottom right there were options for special orders like “add ice” or “less bubbles”. At the bottom left were a number pad and some settings… In Chinese. That took some getting used to but in the end I think I managed it quite well.

I made a few mistakes which I would not want to type here, but some common struggles was receiving orders (from customers and my boss) in Chinese, calculating change (Sometimes I would forget how much I received. My boss told me I should just type it in so I would be faster), remembering that drinks with honey don’t have sugar levels, and receiving split payments. Overall, I’m sure I didn’t do that bad. I mustn’t ramble over my mistakes so I shall just talk about other things now.

Oh, Jin came to visit near the end of my shift. I was very delighted to see him. We actually went to play one game of maimai at the arcade after my shift ended. They revamped the place again! They added real Gitadora with real Guitars! And they added Project Diva! I’m so excited to try it out! One downside though, is that they put the Jubeat machines right behind the maimai machines. It’s gotten even more difficult to hear the music from my game, but I guess I just got to deal with it.

Today I went to Vivo City with Jin to film this month’s dance. We did three takes and I think I was pretty happy with the last take so we went around shopping till my blood pressure died and we forgot it was peak hour when we decided to go home…

Peak hours on the train… My nightmare. I guess sometimes I can handle it but I was really drained during filming so it was quite awful to navigate through the crowds. I’m glad that I got home safe and sound. It felt a lot like the school canteen. Seems like I need more practice, haha.

Now, coming home after a long day, I went to my computer to get a frame out of my video to sketch. I inserted the camera’s memory card into the computer and opened up the files.

Ah. So many “No Good” takes. Might as well clear that rubbish. I highlighted all the images and videos except the last video file. I press delete and open the remaining video file.

It was the wrong dance.

I forgot that I took a fun dance of Kimi Iro Ni Somaru after my perfect take! I deleted the video!!! I race to the recycle bin on my computer but it seems as if it doesn’t appear there since I deleted it straight off the memory card.

I screwed up big time…

I shouldn’t panic. Daddy said he’ll try and help me tomorrow. I’m so grateful to have such a kind Daddy. Even if he can’t recover the video files, I’m sure that I will be able to go back to Vivo City to film the dance again…


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