The Working Adult

I think I’m really bad at my job. I hope my boss doesn’t hate me. I’m still trying my best all the time. Hopefully, he’ll notice that and forgive my mistakes.

Although the hours are long, I enjoy working. Sometimes I’m rostered with really nice people. They help me when I make mistakes. I want to have one day at work where I don’t mess up… So far, it hasn’t happened yet. Since it’s a new month, I’m expecting to receive my pay. I think my bank account has a few hundred in it at the moment. If I’m at minimum pay, (yes, I don’t know how much I’m being paid) I should receive just less than $250? Of course I think I have a penalty for my mistakes so $200 would make sense. $200 is a lot. How nice it would be to see that in my account.

Yesterday I went to Universal Studios Singapore with my uncle and his parents. We got an Express Pass because my grandaunt is in a wheelchair and my uncle has a hip problem. I really enjoyed the rides, especially without the queueing. I rode Cylon twice since my uncle is afraid of really extreme rides. Fantastic! My half-annual pass expires on the 20th. I hope I can go again by then.

While we were there, we saw a small Sesame Street performance in a mini-theatre and I loved it so much. Cookie monster was so cute and fluffy and Ernie was dabbing at one point! It was a fun performance which really made me want to dance along with them. It made me consider being a performer in a costume. No one needs to see my face and the genre that they do seems not too challenging. Of course, dancing every day is quite a tiring task. I’m sure putting on a baggy, stuffy mascot costume is so much harder than a simple mask. What I would give to have a small go at it, though.

Funny thing is, USS is having talent auditions for performers in March, but I have to be 18 by then. Even if I was 18, those are calls for full-timers so I wouldn’t be able to dedicate entirely to the job.

Dancing is so fun, but being a professional dancer is another thing. Kuiin senpai, naru senpai, Suzume senpai, Reina senpai, Natsumi senpai… all of them can perform so beautifully, and I’m sure they are outstanding in their own career paths as well. We can’t excel at everything, but as long as we put our heart and soul into the things that matter, we will have a fruitful youth. I will work hard and bloom wherever I am planted, for that is God’s plan for me!


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