Something is missing at the moment. I cannot put my finger on it. I feel disturbingly uncomfortable, but not to the point where I’m slipping. I’m insecure and afraid. At least, that’s the best description I can give it. I would love more control in my hands, but God has only given me so much. He knows the evil I do when in power. It’s not good for me.

Jemima is in a low place at the moment. She just broke up with Royal and life isn’t exactly the best for her. Jin is also not a good choice for me to go to. Not that he’s a lousy comforter, but because two depressed individuals do not go well together. Melanie has school, and so does Megan Morias and Jia Ling. I think again. I silence my heart and try to hear God. I want to seek his advice, or maybe feel his presence so that I may not be lonely.


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