Sunny Days

I think I’m getting better at work. My boss seems to like me more. I’m so thankful. The language barrier is still quite tough but I’m trying my best.

This Sunday is my baptism. I’m very excited. I think Melanie is coming to watch. We’re seeing Sword Art Online The Movie afterwards. I hope it does not disappoint.

I wanted to film my dance today, but it started pouring and the weather forecast isn’t giving me any hope. I’m waiting for the sky to clear. I need to film very soon. The month is ending and February is so short. Jin kun’s sleeping pattern has been haywire recently so I don’t think he’ll be joining me.

I’ve been playing a lot of mobile games in my free time. Ten hours of work, ten hours of sleep, four hours of everything else. I recently picked up Post Knight. I thought it was very cute, but character customising is practically non-existent. I already deleted the app, but it was somewhat entertaining for a while.

Yesterday I got Crash Fever on my phone. It’s fun, but a bit too slow. The menus are very complicated too. The game does not give enough slots either. Yet, multiplayer games are enjoyable. I might be on to this for a season.

I want to bring Senkai Parade into existence. I think a more regular group of committed members would be required. The polytechnic gave me my enrolment package through the mail this week. I must pay bills and register online. I suddenly dread the thought of having to clean my desk.


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