Sunday was wonderful. I’m so happy to have gotten baptised and gained the opportunity to spend quality time with my friends.

I rode an Uber for the first time. And even though Jin and Jia Ling didn’t show up in the end, I still got to have lunch with Mel, Hozea, Jacelyn, and Megan (Lim). Mel and Hozea became good friends after yesterday. I found it very surprising. Hopefully, they can accompany each other in school when they meet.

My grandmother bought me a golden cross necklace. I love it so much. I thought it might not be allowed at work but today I saw a full timer wear some silver beads on her neck so now I will wear my cross all the time. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Jasmine joined Mel, Hozea and I after lunch. We headed to Jurong Point to catch Sword Art Online: The Movie but it was sold out when we got to the cinemas! What a pity. We still bought popcorn, though. Instead of the movie, we blew a few credits at the arcade. I think Jasmine had a lot of fun. She got very excited playing Jubeat and Sound Vortex.

The arcade was small and we were satisfied quickly. After that we went to those cubicle shops to look at cute things and I bought the card game “Kitten Murderer”. It cost me $40! The outing ended with us at Macdonald’s playing Kitten Murderer and snacking on popcorn and twister fries.

I don’t know if any drastic changes has happened to my life since yesterday, but I’m doing my best to be a good girl just as always. I’m having so much fun at work, even though I mess up occasionally. Overall I’m getting better. Today I memorised all the ratios for Yakult Green Tea! Just about 30 more drinks to learn!

D’J Party auditions are open. I actually registered yesterday. Unfortunately, I realised today that I have worship duty at church on the audition date! I can’t ask Heidi or Jacelyn to replace me because they both have already so graciously covered for me recently. I can’t abandon responsibilities like this for my hobby. So I did the brave thing and sent a second email requesting for the alternative audition date reserved for bands and singers. I wrote that if a change in date was not possible I would ask to withdraw. I am quite proud of myself for doing that. It is always very tempting to be selfish and do things as you want. It’s good that I put in the effort to be responsible.


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