Work (and) Nerves

On Thursday I broke the Ovaltine container at work. I need to go to DAISO to buy a new one. I don’t know if I’m going to get paid back by boss boss, but I just don’t want him to hate me.

On Friday boss told me to go buy something from the mall, and that boss boss sent pictures of the item to my phone already. Boss handed to me a $50 note and asked me to go right then.

I have anxiety buying items, especially if it’s for other people. I can’t explain it, I don’t even want to think about it. I just can’t do it. I tried to explain it to boss but I couldn’t put it into words and I just gave my best attempt at returning the money. Boss still didn’t get it, thinking I was just scared and then I started crying again. He got someone else to buy it after me.

Boss tells me that I need to fix my problems, and that crying won’t fix my problems. Wow. What original advice, boss. I’m sorry for being sarcastic. I don’t enjoy dealing with me, either. Boss doesn’t hate me does he? I was just starting to get into his favour.

The company sent me to get my food hygiene certificate. It was a full day course in a classroom setting. Other than the discomfort I was able to learn a lot and passed the tests. Luckily I was the second to get examined for the practical session so I left an hour earlier than expected.

I went to buy my school laptop with my parents straight afterwards. Daddy led the entire procedure. The student who helped us with the purchase was my age, and really friendly. The laptop will arrive later this week. I have a free sticker but I don’t know if I want to paste it on my laptop just yet… It’s not exactly the prettiest sticker, but I don’t know if I can find others. My main concern is actually someone else in my course with the same laptop and free sticker. Yes, I care about what others think of me although I shouldn’t.

My orientation is coming soon. I think boss will miss me. I will miss boss, I really want him to like me… In my first week of the semester, my course is going to Indonesia! How exciting yet tormenting! I am so worried, but I am not thinking about it at the moment. It is the least of my concerns for now.


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