Happy hurts

My sister’s in Australia right now with her friends. Meanwhile, the rest of us took a short trip to Johor over the weekend. We had good street food and a nice time buying cheap things. Henry came along. It’s been a while since I last spent quality time with him. I’m glad we could enjoy the holiday together.

Malaysia shopping is crazy fun. I feel sorry but it’s really thanks to the 3.1 exchange rate. My honey lemon 500ml bottle in Singapore is more than $2 but here the 1500ml bottle is less than a dollar! It’s crazy and spectacular. We got three huge bags of groceries from Giant.

Before our trip, my brother had his last enrolment service with Boys’ Brigade. During the promotion parade, my brother didn’t get the final promotion. Out of all the graduating boys, only 3 attained the Warrant Officer rank. He was still very disappointed, as he was hoping to have gotten it. Even his friends expected him to get promoted. He cried afterwards. I cried too.

I’ve been there. I know how much he loves BB. I too gave everything I had to my CCA, and was blessed by the community there. I did all I could, but my ultimate goal was never fully realised. It hurts but I have to accept it. It’s much better to be grateful for my happy times there. Honestly, even when I was breaking down all day in school, I was fine on Fridays. I felt like a completely different person. I was never scared or anxious. I had confidence and was joyful in GB. Man… it makes me feel like returning to help out. Maybe I will? I will see how well I integrate into school.

I tried steam today on my new computer. I played Paladin and I think I am bad at games. Hm. Oh well, that’s a good thing. Tomorrow I have work anyway. It will be at a Jurong branch because they need support. I’m quite worried that I might not know anyone there. I will pray hard…


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