Beauty and the Riolu

I’ve finally fiddled around my new computer: a hp Pavillion. It’s a little bulky but beautiful. The screen is really clear and I hope that I can keep it clean and problem-free. Paladins is so fun. Stephane and I have been playing it and though we are very noob, it is great fun.

Today I spent all day at church because I was on worship duty. I am really bad at staying awake the entire day, especially if it’s outside the house. In the end the worship went really well and I really thank God for this lovely day, despite a rough start. In cell group we discussed about temptations, referring to Luke chapter 4. All I could think of was my knives. I guess I shouldn’t be thinking about it, huh.

Us siblings and our cousins went to watch Beauty And The Beast today in the cinemas after dinner. It was so delightful. I loved Emma Wattson in all her dresses. Lumiere was a great character as well. Initially we had doubts about watching it since Mummy disapproved of its “gay subplot” which caused some scenes to be cut in Malaysia. In the end I can see that the media loves to exaggerate. The musical numbers were well-executed, although not overly fantastic. When the key song came up, I felt so emotional since it reminded me of when I was young and played a simplified version of “Beauty and the Beast” on the piano while my grandmother sat beside me and sang. Overall, my favourite song was definitely the Beast’s solo when Belle left him to save her father. I thought that the lyrics had so much meaning in them and I felt his emotions in his voice. It was a great movie and I would definitely watch it again just to see the relationship development between Belle and the Beast.

I registered for a basic Japanese diploma plus in school! I paid around $160 at an NXS machine for it, so I assume I have secured a position in it. Honestly I doubt I’d do well, since I have failed countless times in getting past using the different verbs. It won’t hurt to try though, I paid for the classes myself. I am so excited and nervous. In secondary school I was never offered the opportunity for Japanese and I had to go through many painful times trying. It hurts to just think of it.

Lastly, I bought Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon for the 3DS! I also used my debit card to purchase it. That’s my first two purchases ever occurring in one week, even though I got the card in January! I got a Riolu as my character and I’m very happy with it! My partner is Fennekin, named Erik and our team is called Sleeping Grass. I find the game-play so far nice although I have to work pretty hard and the story has been very restricting. I was only just recently given my first taste of freedom with the “missions”. (I forgot what they are called in this game) I hope to get better moves for my Riolu and finally remember what I’m weak against and strong to. No rush into completion though, I want to end my work month well. After all, the 31st will be my last working day (hopefully!).


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