Marching On

The month is coming to a close. Once the 31st comes by, I won’t have to work anymore. It’s been an enriching experience at my workplace. Maybe I will return during my holidays, maybe I won’t.

I’m very happy with my most recent dance video. Now all that’s left is to concentrate on the auditions coming April. I’ve already decided the song that I want to audition with. I hope to learn it in time and practice it thoroughly. I think my audition last year went pretty well, so hopefully this one will also be good.

I’ve finished downloading all the software for my course into my computer. Now I have Adobe Premiere Pro CC, a video editing software. Initially I got excited and eager to use it, but turns out I was a fumbling blind mouse when I tried. Haha, I guess learning how to use a new program won’t be so easy. Makes me think of all the things I want to learn before school starts, not that I have a lot of time but it’s always good to enrich the brain.

Not just a list of what to learn, I need to DO much more. For example, getting a school bag ready with stationary and everything. I want to have the right start with my new school life. I need to be pleasant and sociable. They always say “be yourself” but “myself” is way too perculiar and turns many people off… I’ll just pray like crazy

There was an offer to skip the Japanese 101 for people who already knew the basics. The requirements were:

  1. Hiragana and Katakana fluent (Yeap)
  2. Minimum 30 hours of lessons (What?)
  3. Converse in basic Japanese (Heh…)

Essentially I self-taught myself most of the Japanese I know, so point 2 is a no-go and point 3 is actually really hard for me because of my lack of practice and holes in my vocabulary. I didn’t want to learn the alphabet all over again in 101 though, so I just applied to see where I stood. That very afternoon the teacher called me to give me the oral test. (#unprepared) I failed quite bad but the teacher was very nice. I don’t mind doing the basics since I definitely have many holes in my foundation. Plus, I’ll get full marks on the Hiragana and Katakana test, haha! Either ways, this has been my dream since secondary school: to learn Japanese in a proper manner. It’s unbelieveable how much I’ve been blessed.

By the way, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon has been a blast. I love it so much, and you can overload yourself with missions. The only trouble is that I feel myself extremely underpowered, but maybe it’s just because the enemies are using AoE moves like earthquake before I can even see them so my whole team gets killed in one shot.

There isn’t much else to say, I think. Bakano contacted me again and we had a short chat. It’s been over a year and it was nice to talk to him again but… I can’t help but feel the negativity return so I’ll leave him to his own business and me to mine.


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