School Hype

I’m so excited for school! Freshmen Bonding Camp is next week. I’ve already washed my old school bag and I’m so ready~ I think based on the whatsapp group, my course has about 40 people. I’m just dreaming of the people I might meet and the friends that I’ll make…

My timetable has been released!! It looks so cool and it’s getting me pumped up! I think I’m taking 7 modules, including the Japanese module. They sent me an email with the entire syllabus’ worksheets of like 72 pages and they said to print it all out myself! I don’t know if I saw the correct one but it seems like it. Hm… Better put them in a good file.

I signed up for another performance! Ahhh! I don’t know what I’m doing I’m probably just copying Kuiin Senpai. Since they instantly asked for an audio file I guess I’m performing an old song (because who knows how fast I can learn a new dance?) I wonder how it’s going to be like.

Easter is coming. I hope to invite Bakano kun and Jin kun. Maybe Jin kun will become friends with Bakano kun. It would be nice for them to become friends and we could have a SENKAI Parade together.




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