Freshmen Bonding Camp & Easter

Hello! I haven’t blogged in a long while because I was having… Freshmen Bonding Camp! It was an optional camp for Freshmen in my course, which is very exclusive. We got put into four groups. My group was Dragon. It was three days of fun and games.

According to what I’ve heard from others and what I’ve seen in the name lists, my course consists of 62 students. 58 of us are going to Bintan Resort next week for our induction program. In the 58 of us.. There are eight girls. Compared to last year’s cohort of 5 girls, this is a lot more. I doubt the four others are all female. The rumors were probably false.

I think my group was very quiet in the first few days. Thankfully, by the end of the camp we all became quite comfortable with each other and could enjoy ourselves. I found out at the end of the camp that I was meant to join Minotaur but there was some mistakes in saving phone numbers. That is why my group has three girls whereas Minotaur has one. I think I am satisfied with my group either ways. I want to mention some of the interesting group mates:

Hazim – One of the more outspoken ones. I think he will be someone significant in the future.

Wei Hong – Extremely athletic. EXTREMELY. He’s the quiet type.

Kellie – A girl in the group (yay!) from SST. She is cute and short. I like her and even though we are not in the same class, I hope to be a good friend to her.

Amos – He is from Fairfield. He is super soft-spoken, but very intelligent. I guess he is a passive task-oriented person. He watches anime and is a Christian. I really want to get to know him more.

Bing Rui – On the first day he led many of the games. Unfortunately, I had to take over since he fell sick on day two and couldn’t make it to camp. I really appreciate him.

Dion – He is a really friendly guy. I appreciate that he broke the ice with many of the guys in the group when he came in on day two.

My group leaders were very nice and energetic throughout the camp. I am grateful for their service to our group. I think they are good people and I had fun thanks to them. I wonder if we will meet in future opportunities. I will definitely say hi to them when I come across them in the center.

My favourite game throughout the camp was the day two escape room. They picked out me and Dion to go “collect shirts” but in actual fact locked us in a room with six others, two from each group. We had to do a series of tasks to unlock a computer and communicate with the other groups (who were put into their own similar escape rooms) to find out how to get through the system. We all talked while waiting for the game to start. And I was surprised that the group we got put into was so lively. The game master told us that we were now team Alpha. I really enjoyed being in team Alpha where everyone communicated effectively and was pro-active in completing the tasks. I thought it was just my group that was extremely quiet and shy. We realised at the end that we were chosen for team Alpha because we were outgoing and taking initiative in the groups. They wanted our groups to work without their “alphas”. I found that really interesting.

I brought Bakano kun to church today for Easter. I’m glad that worship went well and I could show him my nice little church. He and Jason really seemed to like each other. It made me happy. The video I did was so embarrassing though… I just talked about how Jesus helped me through my tough year in depression. Just thinking about so many people looking at that video is so unnerving even though most of them already know. I was so draggy and off-topic yet Joseph never cut out any parts. I was reminded why I wear a mask when dancing.

A kid in church came up to me later saying “You think your life is so bad? My life is worse because I have no friends.” That really hurt my feelings and I felt sorry for him. I just hope the video was good in some ways instead of just making people so negative. Bakano found the service interesting though. That’s good, since I didn’t expect him to like it. I don’t think he’ll come again anytime soon but I’m glad that I got to show him this aspect of my life.


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