I would really love to familiarise myself with the nooks and crannies of the polytechnic campus. I think I got the East end (basically where my school is) mapped down vaguely in my head. I want to make a real map for myself. Little projects are fun, after all. I’m sure I have time. Including Japanese, I think I have 9 modules. It seems like a lot, but they are all at most twice a week, many of them once.

Since the school’s facilities are free to me, I want to be able to fill up my schedule and make full use of them. Tomorrow, I will sign up for the various CCAs. I am set on joining Taiko in the Japanese Cultural Club, but I also would like to have a society. I do not know if I should join the Christian CCA, it seems nice but I want to have more personal time.

I want to spend at least one day a week exercising. I am too shy to use the gym, but I am fine with jogging on the school track. Then I can shower in the toilet and change into fresh clothes if I want to. The only issue is how to keep my towel and sweaty clothes afterwards.

Hanging out in the library also seems fun. I think I will do that now and then in my spare time. It’s quiet and comfortable with air conditioning. I could read my Bible and stuff. I also want to find myself a second hang out location, be it for studying or chilling. I want to figure out how to book a dance studio for my personal use, but so far it appears to be only for clubs and CCAs to book. I want a hideout so that I can use it to meet people… If the time ever comes when I have a dance group. (hopefully)

The excitement never ends.


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