Let’s Outdo Ourselves

The first official study week of school is coming to a close. There is so much I want to talk about, and I intended to write a post long ago, but time has been tight. Where do I even start?

Last Saturday was my audition for D’J Party. It was all the way in the East, but I had no troubles finding the location. Melanie accompanied me, thankfully. My turn came quickly, which I was grateful for since the auditions were private and the waiting room was tiny. I danced in front of Yami and Kiri senpai, along with two other organisers. They told me to add dynamics to my piece, since I was out of breath by the end of the song. I knew my stamina was poor and was not surprised to hear the feedback. They praised my timing though, and that made me happy.

I return to the waiting room trying to cool down. Reina senpai was nearby and Mel and I were discussing whether we should leave since we couldn’t watch other performances. I looked at the schedule and I was just hoping for Kuiin senpai to maybe show up early. She in fact did. Unfortunately, my anxiety got the better of me… It was too embarrassing for me even though Melanie did her best to support me. I’ll just try again next time.

Now let’s talk about school. Should I go through CCAs or modules first? CCAs seem easy to cover. I went for Bboy audition on Monday. It was so exciting and I enjoyed the audition, but in the end I decided that it would be too intense for me so I’m not joining the club. Current affairs is still great and I think it was a nice choice for me, even though nothing they do is related to current affairs. Regarding the Japanese Cultural Club… The Taiko division only meets up on Wednesdays, which is when I have my Jap lessons. Unfortunately, I could not submit the appeal in time so I’ve decided to join the cultural division which is on Fridays. I haven’t been at any meetings yet so next week will be my first. The interviews for Rangers and my course’s society is still ongoing. Although I’d like to join the society for ES, it looks like I will only be getting into Rangers. I’m fine with either though.

I’ve been learning so much I am in love with the course at the moment. Let me describe each module in brief:

  • Japanese: It’s been so fun! They are teaching really basic stuff that I already know, but the teacher is super nice and I have a new friend called Jia Ying from Mass Comm. We’re going to join JCC together!
  • Career Prep: Honestly, this module is just stupid, haha! I just need to attend lessons and all should be fine.
  • Computer Programming: I’m learning C from a really old teacher. Thankfully, his teaching is actually really clear. I think C is super fun. I am look forward to more lessons.
  • COMISS: This is a writing module for critical thinking and communications. The teacher is nice… but I really don’t enjoy writing essays. I can tell that no one else in my course enjoys it either.
  • Electrical Technology: The practicals are fun! I hope that we can learn more in lectures and tutorials, though. I will study as far ahead as I can.
  • Engineering Maths: So far it’s been really easy. I find the lessons boring though. This is the kind of module which I rather study by myself than learn in lessons.
  • Engineering Mechanics: We’ve only learnt about 2D vectors so far, which is really basic. But the teacher moves very fast so the challenge of keeping up is enjoyable.
  • Engineering Skills and Practices: Okay, this is by far the coolest module ever! In the lab sessions we deal with HUGE machines and it’s an eye-opening experience. I feel so smart using the turning machine, haha!
  • Innova: Teacher fell sick. We haven’t had a makeup lesson yet. I think it’s going to end up like COMISS…

Yeap! That’s everything! I’ve applied for two scholarships so far and I hope to receive at least one of them. What an exciting first week it has been!


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