Probably Just Me

I’m currently in the midst of lowering my medicine dosage, so I’ve been getting very anxious and stressed lately over school… But actually it’s just that one module: 9COMISS.

9COMISS is like the General Paper that Poly’s promised they wouldn’t give. My sister took level 7 Comiss. Why would they give an Engineering course level 9? I struggled so much with the homework of doing a simple outline over the entire week. Sigh… I’m just grateful I took the courage of submitting a sub-par outline. I don’t want my perfectionist tendencies to hinder me.

I really enjoy Christian Fellowship, by the way. The people are very nice and yesterday we discussed about our concerns and problems with adjusting to Polytechnic life. Just yesterday during lunch, someone in the spam whatsapp group (The COURSE whatsapp group) posted a video of two naked women! Thankfully I turned off my auto download for media and the preview was blurred out, but I was definitely NOT OKAY with it. I left the group and when someone added me back once they all stopped joking around, someone even said “Send the video again!”. I can’t believe some of them…

Minx actually tried to tell them off initially, but was harshly put down by many of the outspoken ones. I feel bad for her. I was very grateful for her standing up against them. I guess I was just in shock yesterday. I thought the swearing was bad enough, but I accepted it as a part of their speech and not a big issue. This though.. Just shows what kind of people some of them are. Immature. Whatever, there’s still very nice people in my class. I will invest my time in those who are of good influence for me.


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