The Guys

Things are moving so quickly. I love it. Sometimes it’s tough, or God gives me a curveball. But I’m still enjoying myself and I’m really happy!

The guys are great to me (when I say guys I mean weeb guys, but that’s not nice so just guys). Our circle is quite big. It’s interesting, I don’t know how this works. I guess I’m very inexperienced with this sort of stuff. I think many of them are. It concerns me, but I’ll just wait and see.

I actually got four guys to do a dance with me! Can you believe it?! They said “why not, let’s try something new.” I’m so excited but I know I mustn’t be too crazy since they don’t dance. We’re going to have our first practice on Monday afternoon. I’ve chosen “Shake It!” for our dance and I’m looking forward to it.

I think my CCAs are starting to stabilise. I want to make it very clear here so as to not get confused by myself.

Mondays -> DANCE GROUP (No name yet, just in-case it doesn’t work out) and Bboy. Yeap. I’ve decided to join MNM (Mighty Nomads) after all. They said I could opt out of the production if I wanted to.

Tuesdays -> CF. (Christian Fellowship) I really want to grow stronger in faith and in character. I feel very comfortable in this club.

Wednesdays -> Japanese. Yay!

Thursdays -> NOTHING.

Friday -> JCC (Japanese Cultural Club). It’s honestly just there to kill time. I was actually quite disappointed in the structure but oh well. Rachel Kwok from primary school was there though. I was very surprised to see her. Another pleasant discovery is a girl who is into odottemita. She doesn’t upload or anything but she knew Melancholic and we danced it together. I want to be her friend. I’ll need to ask for her name next week, haha!

Tomorrow I’m going to perform at Cosfest. I am very nervous because I fell down and my tailbone hurts. I couldn’t practice properly in the week but I’m very ready to go all out tomorrow. The guys will be there. I hope that they enjoy my performance. One even offered to film for me! These people are so nice to me, I am spoiled with their support.

Something happened this week… A friend kind of confessed to me. I must say that despite trying my best to not be bothered with it, I am bothered with it. I do not know what to do about it, so I’ll just let it slide. I am still quite unstable so I don’t want to be in a relationship (imagine me with Jemima’s problems). So, that’s just going to be how it’s going to be.


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